Desert Waters Pool Care - Pool Services

Swimming pools are a big investment and can be a wonderful oasis for your home when properly maintained. Desert Waters takes the guess work out of pool care. Our year-round service handles all aspects of pool service, maintenance and repair to keep your pool clean and healthy. Our expert pool/spa repair services provide fast turn-around time on all brands of equipment.

  • Each weekly visit includes:

  • Test & adjust water chemistry
  • Basic chemicals
  • Brush walls, steps & tiles
  • Empty traps & skimmers
  • Skim top of water
  • Inspect pump & equipment for trouble-free operation
  • Backwash filter as needed
  • Maintain service records
  • For pool owners who want to clean their
    own pools, we offer:

  • Pool School - Instruction
  • Occasional Pool Cleaning
  • Vacation Service
  • Monsoon Cleanup
  • Other Maintenance/Repair Services:

  • Filter cleaning
  • Acid wash
  • Chlorine bath
  • Pool/Spa drain
  • Green-to-clean pool restoration
  • Salt chlorinator cleaning
  • Heaters - repair/install
  • Pool pumps & motors
  • Plumbing
  • Sand changes
  • Salt systems
  • Electrical repairs
  • Tile cleaning
  • Installation/repair of equipment
  • Pool Deck Painting


No two pools are the same. We don't believe in one price fits all. A large pool with surrounding foliage and/or water features cannot be serviced in the same time frame as a play pool in an area without foliage. To ensure that we always take the time to do the best job possible on everyone's pool, we base our monthly fee on the size, surface material, equipment and foliage situation.

Call 480-415-6999 to schedule an on-site meeting with one of our owner/technicians. You will receive a free pool analysis, as well as a realistic and reasonable monthly rate quote for your weekly pool cleaning.

Green Pool to Clean Pool

Pools turn green for different reasons but they all need to be serviced quickly. If let go, you run the risk of needing costly repairs or replacement of your pool equipment and the removal of stains from the tile in the future. Call us - we'll assess the issues that caused your pool to turn green in the first place and turn your pool from green to clean in no time.

Before and after pool cleaning

Special Offers

Free Pool Chemistry Checkup

Maintaining pool water chemical balance is vital to the longevity of your pool's interior and equipment, as well as to the health of the people using the pool. When chemical concentrations get off balance, it can take weeks to get it right, especially in the hot weather months. We have many different treatments available to enhance the clarity and safety of your pool water. There may be situations when the best solution is to drain the pool and get a fresh start. Call us at 480-415-6999 for a free checkup.

No Charge Filter Inspection

Pool filters need maintenance for maximum efficiency, and should be cleaned at least twice a year. We will check your DE or Cartridge Filter and provide you with an estimate if cleaning is recommended.

Heat Your Pool and Swim Year 'Round

Adding a pool heater to your swimming pool will allow you to swim year 'round. There are 3 types of pool heaters – gas, electric and heat pump. Desert Waters Pool Care highly recommends the heat pump – the energy efficient option that will heat your pool water at a fraction of the cost of a gas or propane pool heater. Another plus is that heat pumps typically last longer than other heaters – 10+ years with proper installation and maintenance.

For a free evaluation, call Desert Waters Pool Care. Let us come out and show you how you can enjoy swimming all year.

Our pool technicians are Certified APS Installers

As part of our continuing efforts to help Arizona go green, Desert Waters Pool Care team members have taken classes with APS to become Certified Installers for their new energy efficient pumps and seasonal timers. Mother Nature isn't the only one who will benefit from energy efficient systems - installing new energy efficient equipment can help you save money by lowering your bills. Give Desert Waters Pool Care a call today to find out more.

Save on New Energy Efficient Pumps

The smart choice for your pool:

  • You save up to 80% on your pool's energy costs.
  • New technology enables these pumps to run cooler and last longer.
  • This new pump is quieter, creating a more relaxing poolside atmosphere.
  • APS rebates save you money now and lower your energy costs in the future.

Save with a new Seasonal Timer - you just set it and forget it!

In the cooler months of the year, your pool pump does not need to run as long each day to keep your pool clean. The new seasonal timer automatically adjusts your pump's run time throughout the year - you save money and energy without doing a thing.

Check with our certified APS Installers for available energy rebates on:

  • Variable-speed pumps
  • Two-speed pumps
  • Seasonal pool timers

Thank you so much for all your help. Also wanted to say that you guys are really awesome and I am already so impressed with your work, ethics, and communication. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know that has a pool.-Cindy

I would highly recommend Desert Waters Pool Care. We're really impressed with the skill level and quality of service rendered. They not only stand behind their work, but go above and beyond what I see other pool companies do.-Simon

Thank you for your great service! You have far exceeded my expectations. I can always count on you to be here on my scheduled service day and do a great job!-Denise