Frequently Asked Questions

Children enjoying clean pool

Do I need to service my pool year round?

Yes, maintaining your pool throughout the year will reduce the amount of staining in the pool. Pumps and other equipment should also be properly maintained to prolong their life, saving you money in the long run.

How do I maintain the water level?

Be sure to always maintain the water level up to the middle of the skimmer box opening. If your water level gets too low, your pump will draw air and run dry, causing damage to your equipment. If your pool level gets too high, your skimmer will not clean the surface of the pool and you are probably wasting water.

When should I run my system - and how long?

It must be run once a day in order to properly circulate and filter all the water in a 24 hour period. We recommend you run your system between 9PM and 7AM. In the summer months, we recommend running your pool 8-10 hours depending on the size, and in the winter months, we recommend 6-8 hours.

What about pool filter maintenance?

It is important to keep your filter clear and clean. All three types of filtration require maintenance. Sand and DE filters both require routine backwashing - we recommend every 2-4 weeks* in the swimming season and every 3-5 weeks* during the off season. Sand filters need to be backwashed more often than DE; the sand should be changed every 3-5 years by a pool professional. DE filters should have a tear down by a pool professional a minimum of once a year.* Cartridge filters must be taken apart and cleaned every 3-6 months* depending on the size of your pool compared to the size of the filter.

*Filter backwashing and maintenance may be needed more frequently if you see a sudden increase in pressure and/or your filter is not operating properly.

Why is my pool water cloudy?

Not having enough chlorine will cloud up your pool. It is also important to keep the pH and alkalinity within proper range. A defective filter may be the cause - make sure the filter is cleaned regularly.

Why is my pump so noisy?

A loud pump is a sign of bad bearings. Bearings can be replaced, but in most cases, the motor must be replaced

What if my pool cleaner is not working?

Typically, the cause is that your cleaner went over a toy or stick. With the system running, pull your cleaner up to the surface of the pool (but not out of the water) and check for the obstruction. If this doesn't work, your filter may need backwashing. Shut your pool off and contact Desert Waters.

Can I add my own chemicals?

If you are on full care pool service or just chemical service, you should not add your own chemicals because this can get your water chemistry out of balance by counteracting with the chemicals your pool service uses.

How do I turn my pool off?

You can shut down your pool two ways:

  • 1 - Pull the pins at the time clock and make sure the switch is in the off position.
  • 2 - Shut off the breaker to the pool equipment at your main breaker panel.

When is it necessary to drain my pool?

Desert Waters Pool Care recommends that you drain your pool every 2-3 years or when calcium hardness level goes above 700 ppm. This will prevent surface staining as well as maintain the water chemistry.

Why is my pool draining?

If your pool is losing water, check to see if the water is coming from the backwash line. It may be that the O-rings or the gasket have gone bad in your valve. If so, shut the equipment off and call your pool service to replace them.

How can I help keep my pool clean?

A tidy backyard, maintaining and trimming the vegetation around the pool, and cleaning up pool toys will help keep your pool clean and save money on repairs.

Is it okay for my dog to be in my pool?

The pool chemicals probably won't hurt your dog, but it is not good for the pool chemicals, baskets or filter. Animal hair contains dirt and oils that may eat up your pool's chlorine. Shedding can clog up baskets and filters. Think of it as having 10 people in your pool.


Thank you so much for all your help. Also wanted to say that you guys are really awesome and I am already so impressed with your work, ethics, and communication. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know that has a pool.-Cindy

I would highly recommend Desert Waters Pool Care. We're really impressed with the skill level and quality of service rendered. They not only stand behind their work, but go above and beyond what I see other pool companies do.-Simon

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